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Therapeutic massage according to Austrian high standards

Beauty massage and detox massage

Wellness massage

Individual massage as needed


Why massage?

It´s always the right time for massage.

Choose from the professional offers.


Wellness and spa massage

Here you can leave everyday life behind.

A choice from these massages ensures absolute relaxation.

The mind becomes free and can let go.

Whether for stress relief or pampering:

Here you are right!


Therapeutic massages

Whether restricted movement, pain in the shoulder or in the neck area, after surgery…

With professional analysis and a targeted massage technique back to well-being and more freedom of movement.

Here you can choose from a wide range of massage options.

We are there for you with in depth knowledge.


Beauty massages

Professional hands for your beauty.

True beauty comes from within.

This selected range of massages gives you the opportunity to specifically improve blood circulation in the individual skin layers.

Slag and deposits are loosened and transported away.

Rich massage products pamper your skin with nutrients.

This is how you shine again in new bloom.


Choose from the professional offers

Classic healing massage

  • Backproblems (cervikal syndrom, thorax spins syndrome, low back pain)

  • Shoulder (frozen Shoulder, Impingementsyndrome)

  • Head (migraine, tension headache)

  • With muscle tightening, tension


Lymphatic drainage

  • Swelling after operations and injuries

  • Primary lymph-edema

  • Secondary lymph-edema after tumor- or. lymph node removal


Segment massage

For organic problems (lung, kidney, ...)

To strengthens the muscles and promotes the blood circulation


Connective tissue massage

For local muscle adhesion and organic problems


Manipulative massage according to Dr. Terrier

For movement restrictions, arthritis and muscular imbalance


Myofascial Release

For movement restriction and pain


Treatment of the reflex zones

For complaints all over the body

The treatment activates self-healing powers and the troubles go away


Relaxation massage

For sleep disorders, in the case of mental stress

It increases physical well-being


Honey massage (forest honey, manuka honey)

In case of tension or muscle adhesion

Toxic substances are drawn out of the body tissue with the help of the honey

It has an invigoration effect and ensures a strong increase in blood circulation


Cupping massage

For chronic hardening in the back, shoulders and neck area

Treatment of cellulite


Heat packs (moor, mud)​

For back pain, shoulders- and neck pain,

metabolic diseases, arthritis, rheumatism, arthritis




Why ultrasound therapy?

Ultrasoundtherapy is a micromassage.

Not only the muscles, but also the bones are reached here in depth.

Clients appreciate this form of micromassage for complications such as joint pain, bursa and tendon sheath inflammation.

For carpal tunnel syndrome and broken bones the ultrasound therapy is also used in targeted mames.

Are you looking for deep healing?

Then ultrasound therapy is the right support.


Colon hydrotherapy

Why colon hydrotherapy?

Health is in the gut.

If the intestine is imbalanced, physical complaints often occour.

This is where colon hydrotherapie helps.

With a rise and a gentle massage, the intestine are cleaned from the inside and freed from old burdens.

Problems such as migraines, skin problems, allergies, bloating, fatigue, exhaustion, irregular bowel can be improved with CHT.


Therapeutic wraps

Why liver wrap?

The liver is our biggest powerhouse when it comes to detoxification.

This organ achieves a lot and tolerates a lot.

Unfortunately, we put a lot of strain on our liver.

It won´t hurt if it is weighed down too much.

Fatigue is the pain of the liver.

So it shows you that it´s time to clear up here.

The liver compress stimulates blood circulation and helps with detoxification. Every liver wrap is a cure for this wonderful organ and it will thank you for it.

Kinaesthetics/movement support

Workout actives with a qualified trainer

Guidance and support for home Guidance for relatives 


Why kinaesthetics?

With movement restrictions of various causes, also with stroke.

Through an individual analysis of your resources, our experienced Kinaetshetics-Trainer Ms Gundula supports your movement skills.

You will receive targeted annalysis, support and guidance for your evereyday life.

Training program

Massage training

Kinaesthetics training

Energy work training

The Blooming Flower Of Zanzibar offers education in therapeutic massage,

kinaesthetics and energy work.

We would be happy to advise you on wide range of the offers and develop an

individual concept for you needs.

Our special offer for you

You need a transfer or pick-up and delivery service?

On individual request



We would be happy to support you with advice for a better gut feeling. The focus is on a propper nutrition.

Only a small step to your wellbeing

Please make an appointment.

We would be happy to support you in selecting the right offer.

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