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  • t is a high-quality product from Austria in Europe.
  • It can provide support when you're feeling fatigued.
  • May be beneficial for individuals with weak hair and hair loss.
  • Helpful for managing heavy menstrual periods.
  • Recommended after experiencing blood loss due to accidents or surgery.
  • Especially useful during pregnancy when iron requirements increase.
  • Advised following blood analyses that indicate low iron levels.
  • Contains 4 lysosomal formulated iron salts in combination with 3 iron-containing plant extracts, along with liposomal formulated vitamin C for improved absorption.
  • Each capsule provides 21mg of iron, covering 150% of the daily requirements for adults, and 64mg of vitamin C, meeting 80% of the daily requirements for adults.
  • DRW057
  • 45kps
  • Vegan


TZS 91,000 per bottle

7 Quell Eisen liposomal 45kps

  • Pirce in Tanzania Shillings (TZS)

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